Sunday, 11 December 2011

Evaluation Questions

In what ways does your media product use develop or challenge forms of real media products?
Our music video follows Goodwin’s points by the music matching the lyrics. This was done with the use of slow action, Lip syncing and choosing to have the video in black and white. Also, the story of our music video matches the lyrics as it about a girl that has left the lead singer of the group which matches the visuals for instance when the lyrics say ”and if I was late, then im sorry” we showed bens girl walking away from there meeting point. The genre of the track was Indie Rock, so to convey this we took inspiration from a song by 3 Doors Down which showed a good band performance which we used in our final product. However our band performance wasn’t as good as we had hoped because we had little musical knowledge. To try to fix this we used individual shots for different instruments and also filmed from slightly weird angles to help cover up the fact we didn’t know how to play the song. In our video we also used some intertextuality through the close up of bens trainer and also when he is writing on his iPhone. The locations we used were kept relatively simple for example we filmed in the woodland area around Long Road. We felt this fit well the genre we were trying to convey as it showed in our research that indie bands use simple and sometimes obscure locations.  The clothing used in our media product also followed conventions of this genre

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
I think that our three products work very well together. The main video is purely in black and white, while the Magazine Ad and DVD Cover are very dulled down colour which still fits well the theme and genre of the video. We added a lot of blur and distortion to our Magazine Ad and DVD Cover. This makes the lead singer feel isolated and alone which fits with the genre and also fits with the video as lead singer ben is almost always pictured alone which adds a link between these products. Our music video and ancillary tasks attract the target audience as they use many conventions of the genre such as loneliness. The locations used in the three tasks are also kept relatively the same for example the video was shot in the woodland around Long Road and the picture on the Magazine Ad was also captured here with sun in the background. The picture on the DVD cover was captured with ben standing on the wall with the sunset and woodland in the background. There is a very clear link between locations used across our products. By using a slightly more colourful image for the Ancillary Tasks we hoped to draw in our target audience more and get them interested in the story/ feel of the video.

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
We read all the feedback from our peers on our final video. We were very happy with the positive feedback for example the black and white effect had achieved what we had hoped.
One piece of negative feedback was the instruments performance as it was clear we didn’t know how to play instruments. We understand where they are coming however we felt we needed to give it a go as it was one of the conventions of our genre and we tried to use fast cuts to hide the fact we didn’t know how to play.
Some negative feedback we felt was wrong for example “not enough locations”. As a group we felt we had a good number of locations including indoors and outdoors to give it variety and cut between regularly to keep the viewer interested.

We have learnt that we needed to be much more in depth with plan and have a very clear storyline for our video.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
During the making of our products we used Final Cut to give our video a professional finish in terms of editing. We used cuts and fades as our main transitions, these gave the video a nice flowing feel to without it being too jumpy. Also when editing we used effects such as black and white by adding colour correction to our video and then taking the saturation out. This was used throughout the video. Also in Final Cut we used a shot of ben changing the studio dials and synced it with a volume, this gave the impression that ben had turned up the volume of the track.

During the creation of our magazine ad and DVD cover we used Photoshop to allow us to easily manipulate our picture and add realistic text and logos. We used tools like the smudge tool to erase unwanted background items for example the picture we ended up using had a person in the background and we used this tool to blend them into the background. We also used blur as an effect on almost everything except ben which gives a sense that he is important.

To research the conventions of our genre we used mostly the Internet including sites like Google, Wikipedia and YouTube. These allowed us to find out what video of this genre are likely to look like and took many ideas from them. Whilst filming we used HD video cameras to allow us to record high quality footage very quickly and efficiently. For our Magazine ad and DVD cover we used a professional stills camera to take more photographs for use on them. Using this we were able to take many pictures quickly from different locations to get one that is perfect and so when we edited it we had many options with what picture we used.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

ancillery texts Before and After editing

The Tools used to edit This image : blur, smudge, saturation decrease, flip horizontal, sections on the t-shirt were highlighted then contrast was increased ( blue and white section), text, effects on the texts i.e. colour gradient.
For this image we changed the background by removing the girl in the background as it seemed a bit strange and did not suit the story behind the image. we used the same tools as the image above.

Analysis of new student video


Lots of locations
Dance routine not bad
Not much emotion shown
Good editing techniques
Good variety of shots
Great start to video with the tree - opening the lense whilst filming
Lip syncing not bad
Costume changes were good
Tree's were a bit random but effective in a way

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Directors commentary

Our media product used and matched a few of Goodwin's points of analysis. We believe that the lyrics matched the visuals especially in the first chorus of our re-make of The Kooks - Walk Away, we showed a girl walking off and then someone else walking on to show the guy was late. The lyrics at this point were 'and if I was late, then I'm sorry'. Also, when a couple of members from our group "played" the instruments, we conveyed the point of music matching visuals in a very poor way but we still showed it. We had a few intertextual references such as the iPhone and the adidas trainers. We felt that we had matched genre conventions in a way since the conventions of an indie band would be the style of clothing and the actions within the video itself, and we believe we matched them. We found out these conventions by looking through music video's made by The Kooks. We also promoted the artist slightly through showing his emotions and showing the rest of the band "play" instruments. We did not use much voyeurism, or if any at all, because it wouldn't really match the conventions of the genre, in this case, indie.

We feel we have linked all 3 products; the video, the digipack and the magazine adverts, really well. We edited the ancillary texts so they matched the video, however, with the pictures we took, we felt that it'd be best to make them seem less colourful, rather than make it black and white like the video is. It creates an image of loneliness in a way for the main artist like he is in the video. We're successful at attracting the audience through the way in which Ben is made to feel isolated, so that will make the audience wonder why he is on his own. We believe that on our digipack the use of the film strip with the different images from the video was effective as it gave a more professional touch to our cover. We also were pleased with the font 'Papyrus' that was chosen as it matched the woods in the background, and I believe we used this in the magazine advert as well. We gained the black and white inspiration through our practice magazine advert when we edited Rihanna's - Unfaithful, where we felt a picture of her holding a rose to her face would look better if the rose was in a baby pink colour and the rest was in black and white. Unfortunately, the use of singling out one part of an image for colour wouldn't work. We did try keeping ben in colour and the rest in black and white, yet this looked more of an advert for a thriller film advert rather than a music advert.

From our audience feedback, we were made to feel as though our video wasn't as good as it is. Some of the bad points were understood and we agreed with like the instrument playing wasn't correct, and we explained why this was. However, other comments we were a little unsure about. One piece of feedback was 'there was a split second gap between two clips', we understand that we should've noticed it but to us it looked like a cut from one scene to another, and it wasn't that noticeable. On the other hand though, we were happy with the good points we were given. Another good point we were given from someone was that they liked the way in which Ben barely made eye contact with the camera, and they said it could relate to something that Chris Martin from Coldplay would do in one of his video's with the way he makes the audience focus their attention to him. However, we didn't think this during the idea making stage.

In my opinion, I felt reasonably comfortable with Final Cut as it was relatively easy to use. However, I struggled a bit when we used photoshop because I hadn't really used that before, luckily I had people in the group who understood it more than I did. The tools on photoshop like the lasso tool helped us blur out our mistake of smudging Samanda, we felt it looks affective as it draws more attention to Ben staring out into the distance on his own. Blogger, we felt was easy to use, although I don't think we have as many posts on there as others. We felt that youtube was very useful when looking for ideas to base our video on as we gained idea's from several of The Kooks' songs like Naive. The HD and stills camera's were really easy to use and were really effective for what we wanted to do with them, which was create a professional finish to our products.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Evaluation questions.

In what ways does your media product use develop or challenge forms of real media products?
Real media products include continuity throughout everything that is being produced and we have also attempted to create something in which continuity is also thorough. Our artists are linked to the indie genre of music and by researching the kook’s past music videos we came up with a few plans and conclusions of as to what they would wear and where their main settings are which were casual clothing and subtle setting. We have managed to use intertextuality within the clothing i.e. Ben’s trainer and we have done this by giving a quick close up at the beginning to show the brand of the trainer also we have done this when Ben uses his Iphone, we zoomed in as he was texting so that there is a clear view of the product. We realised that voyeurism was not needed as it did not match our genre. We managed to create a narrative which was changed throughout the filming process to make it more simplistic using the location within the college premises this was due to the lack of clear planning and the fact that we were unable to get hold of the people that were needed within the video.
However, we managed to compromise with what we had and matched the actions to the lyrics for example in the first verse we film the female walking away from the shot and then Ben walks in the shot to show that he is late and disappointed this is referring back to one of Goodwin’s points on narrative and matching the visuals with the lyrics. Indie genres are usually really simple and filmed in subtle places and so we didn’t really complicate the locations but we made it just black and white to create a more simple but engaging effect to represent the genre.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
The combination of our music video and the other products is very effective as it includes continuity which represent the whole genre. The colouring scheme is kept roughly the same so that the products fit with one another.  The video is in black and white but the DVD cover and the magazine advert have a little tint of colour in them to make them look more appealing towards the target audience , this was done by lowering  the saturation of the image itself . For the magazine advert we didn’t want to leave too much concentration on the colour and details of the background so we blurred out a large portion of the trees in the background to make the artist stands out and as for the DVD cover we repeated the same process so that the focus is mainly set on the artist.
 The clothing is still kept the same throughout and the scenery is also kept simple and similar to one another so that an isolated image of the artist is created to match the song itself , isolation is shown through the shot types that were taken by the camera, for example, the magazine advert is an establishing shot of the artist as a whole with a blurred natural background and the DVD cover includes a mid shot of the artist but a horizontal establishing shot of the background which is used for  the back of the DVD cover, again a natural scenery.  All of these effects, tools and filters that have been used on Photoshop , promote the song in their own ways because they give an insight on what the video and lyrics itself may include making it more appealing and engaging for the target audience as emotion and moods are shown through the editing of the ancillary texts  relating to the video.
What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
Our feedback highlighted our good features such as how effective the black and white was and the things that could have been improved such as the instrument playing which we could not do much about as no one in the group was actually able to play the instruments correctly . we tried to compromise with the instrument playing when we filmed by filming at different angles such as low ones to reduce the concentration of the actual playing and focus more on the instrument itself. We also had very short shots of the instruments being played to match the beat of the music which in some parts it failed but others it worked well.
We also learnt that there was more emotion needed to be shown within the artist himself and for this we changed one of the shots where Ben is writing lyrics at the beginning and we zoomed into his eyes to make it look more affective so that there isn’t too much of his facial expression showing but his eyes which the audience may find more appealing to watch rather than just a dull facial expression. This increased the variety of shots we had as we did not have an extreme close up within the video.
 We also got some feedback which we found to be untrue for example there was a lack of locations and costume changes. We did not agree with this feedback as we counted up the number of locations (11) and costume changes (5) and they seem to be enough for a subtle look. Another positive feedback was based  on the way we matched the action of ‘turning up the volume’ to the actual volume of the song being increased within the video and from this we learnt that the connections between the volume /sound of the music and the actions towards it can have a big impact on the way that the audience see the video and their opinions on it.
 We had some feedback on our initial pitch and one of the main constructive criticism was that the storyboard and the ideas were unclear as to what the narrative was because we did not have enough planning as to what we were going to do and how we were going to do it so in the end, as the video was based on college premises we just went with the flow and did what we could by compromising with what we had. From this we had learnt that planning in depth is needed in order to finish on time and create a successful piece of work
How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
Blogger was used throughout the making of the video indicating what we had done during that day and what was needed to be done in order to be organised and finish on time. We have also written out a timeline of what we had filmed when we filmed it and how long it lasted which showed us the gaps and the time within the gaps that needed to be filled in.  Our research and other video clips were also posted on the blog so that we could refer to them every so often to help us with our final products. The blog was also used by our teacher who informed us on what we needed to do to update our work which was also helpful.
 Photoshop helped us a lot to edit and create both the DVD cover and magazine advert as its tools allowed us to modify the photos that were taken into something more appealing and interesting. Some of the tools that were used were smudge, filter and blur. The photos that were used for the ancillary texts were taken by a professional still camera although we did attempt to take many various photos with the still cameras that we got given which weren’t as good quality and in order to get a very clear and professional looking photo we decided that a professional camera was more ideal.
Final cut was also a great help to us as we gathered all our shots and combined them in an effective way. We cut several shots out and attached them with others so that there is a clearer narrative. We also added an extra sound effect in the beginning of the video when Ben is walking so that it seems more realistic. The volume of the sound is also slowly increased during the video. Transitions such and fade in are used in-between various shots so that they blend in with one another to avoid making the video look less interesting as so did the black and white filter from beginning to end.  

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Evaluation - Michael

Our media product uses standard forms and conventions of real media products. As a result, it does look like a real music video. We achieved this by using and following Goodwin's points of music video analysis. I shall look at each of Goodwin's points individually and compare our product to them.

Our video conforms to the characteristics of the indie genre by being filmed in black and white, and looking fairly amateurish.
We were inspired by professional music videos by the Kooks, trying to keep to the formula that has been developed in the genre. Looking at videos from different genres, including spoofs, proved worthwhile. We also looked at previous examples of student music video projects for inspiration.

There is a strong relationship between the lyrics and the visuals. Our video for the song “Walk Away” certainly does contain a lot of walking. We took the story told in the lyrics and visualized it.

There is some relationship between the music and the visuals, some things happen in time to the music, and there is footage of actors portraying the artists playing along.

As in a real music video, there are lots of close ups and shots of the artist and the band. In a real product, the record label would expect this.
There is very little to no voyeurism of the female body in our product. In this sense we have deviated from the standard practice of many music videos. I believe we didn't put any voyeuristic scenes in because there was never an appropriate moment for one in our plan.

Intertextual references are also notably lacking in our video, this was largely due to the fact that we focused more on the story of our video.

We made promotional media materials for our video, including a magazine advert and a digipak cover. After analyzing professionally made digipaks, decided to use the media industry standards set out by doing them in the same style as the video, and adding things appropriate to the medium to sell the idea, such as text, logos and images.

Other groups working on other products viewed our media product and gave constructive feedback. We learned of some areas we could have improved upon, such as the instrument playing, the quality of the shots taken in terms of steady filming, the storytelling etc.

We also learned of areas that our peers thought we did well on, such as the quality of the lip syncing, the good emotive acting, the good use of locations, the strong connection to the lyrics, etc.

We used the internet for most of our research and it proved to be a powerful tool, offering much information on the area. Using this research, we were able to learn the themes and conventions of music videos, so that we might conform, or not conform, to them.

Digital camcorders were used for filming, and proved to be much easier to use than the old tape-based camcorders, as footage could be copied across when it was needed, rather than capturing all of it at once.

Monday, 28 November 2011

the script

We plan on typing up each others commentary by Thursday and then choose bits from each commentary on the day considering we start filming at 3:25

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Today + Tomorrow - Diagram Work and Mag Ad
28th November Monday - Timed response to evaluation Questions
30th November Wednesday - No lesson. Type up timed response onto the Blog. Prepare your script.
1st December Thursday - Filming your script - 45 minutes in studio only.
5th December Monday - Editing.
7th December Wesnesday - Editing deadline.
8th December Thursday - Peer feedback on script.
12th December- Finalise blogs.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Photos taken for the ancillery texts

Photo taken using the still cameras that were given.

some of the photos taken by the professional camera.

we decided to keep the setting neutral which includes some of the locations from the music video.
the main idea of the photos is to keep it natural and simplistic so that the majority of the target audience can relate to it. Many photos were taken from various angles with the artist looking away to portray a sort of isolated image throughout. It was vital that the artist does not look into the camera so that it looks more natural , natural body language with natural scenery.

Ideas for the font and style on the ancillary text

For the text, we wanted to also keep this relatively simple by keeping it in mostly black and white.

For this piece we simply only changed the font into 'rosewood std'

Font: 'Desdemona'
Effects: Inner glow & outer glow

Font: Beyond Wonderland
Effects:inner shadow, outer glow, inner glow, gradient overlay , bevel and emboss

Font: Papyrus
Effects: drop shadow , inner shadow, bevel and emboss, gradient overlay, pattern overlay

The style of the fonts were changed by double clicking on the layer and selecting the effects you want as shown above . 

ideas for the ancillary text

Our ancillary texts will contain locations that have been used within the music video such as the woodland area and the wall by the field. This will be done so that the images can show a correlation between the ancillary texts and the video. we will take several images at different locations so that we have a variety to pick from. We would like to have a horizontal image for the CD cover so that it stretches across front, back and side to give a continuous image. We also hope to add some print screen shots of the video itself so that the audience are able to view the content of the video.

These different shots will be copied and pasted on the back of the cover in no order so that the audience can have an insight to our media creation. we also plan to show this through adding and editing a film strip across the images to make it look more effective and professional.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Practice on Photoshop for a magazine advert

As you can see above, this was our first image that we practiced editing on Photoshop and we managed to change the colours by using several tools such as the magnetic lasso tool to select the rose so we could invert the selection and change the colour into black and white o that the rose stood out. we then added text in the colour of the rose so that they matched one another. The font was kept simple and was changed into italics to link with the idea of a feminine look relating to the rose in colour. This will help us produce ideas for our ancillary texts as we can refer back to it when needed to do so.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Feedback on Final Cut

They promote the artist by the use of screen time on the band and when they're playing the instruments. The costume is modern/trendy/casual which emphasizes the band and its genre and personality.
The video is represented in black and white allowing the genre of the video to be displayed and the mood which was purposely created i.e depressing
The shots of the eyes at he beginning is effective in representing the characters thought/mood. Also the shot where they turn the volume up is effective and the volume to the audience also increases. This adds to the mise-en-scene and the genre chosen for the video. At the end the shot of the kick when the music stops again, adds to the whole rock genre ect.  The mirror shot was effective in representing the artist. The shot of the text allows the story to be portrayed.
We would improve the timing of the instruments (particularly the drums) if we did this video as well as adding a fade in and fade out at the beginning and the end.

T2 - 39


  • Good variety shot and movement and shot types
  • Some emotion shown towards actions in the song
  • Band and some performance
  • Some relation between lyrics and visuals.

  • Lack of looking into the camera
  • The performance lacks any enthusiasm and is obvious that the chosen artists to play cannot actually play the instruments - performance idea is good but sadly would have been better if it was done by musicians
  • There were few close up shots
  • There were objects and people in background 
  • Sadly there were alot of the similar locations used
  • Few costume changes
  • Some confusing narrative
T2 - 38


  • Lip synching could have been improved and more emphasis on singing the lyrics
  • Obvious that instruments wasn't playing the tune, atleast not particularly well.
  • Monochrome was overused, should of been used sparingly.
  • Equipment visible in some shots.
  • Small editing error where a black screen appeared for a split second
Good points: 

  • Good shot variation
  • Link between lyric and visual was good. A nd the end kick.
  • Genre conventions met in regards to showing the drums/guitar/switchboard
  • Good lighting
  • Emotive acting
  • Good use of locations, however could of been more continuous.
  • Good emphasis on walking away.
Lewis, Liam & Matt.

The lip syncing in the mirror is really effective. In general the lip syncing in the video is really good, apart from the first lip syncing shots. The music & lyrics during the first chorus aren't as effective as they could have been, though this was just down to an acting issue. The use of the iphone is really good and meets goodwins point on analysis - intertextuality. The filter over the video is also very effective. Use of the music studio button board thing is really good, with the music getting louder. The kick at the end of the song was brilliant. 

Continuity in the first chorus shows a wall with a bag against it, however it was not there at the shot before. Also some of the shots seem a little too staged. The drumming in one of your shots isn't done very well, however we understand how hard this is to do! Some of your shots are a little too long for the song, also cutting to the beat of the song could have been better.      


Thank you for the positive feedback.

- We had a limited amount of people who were available for filming, so we had to make do with what we had to play instruments
- The reason why ben didn't look into the camera was because we wanted to create a sense of awkwardness in order to draw the attention of the audience so they could think about what he was thinking
- When analysing our video again, we noticed we had 10 separate locations so unsure about that comment?
- Ben changed costume 3 times and we are a little confused about where we could've changed costume again.
- The narrative is basically Ben writing about how his feelings are about his"love-interest" when messing it up with her, hence why he was late when meeting her when she walked off and Ben walked on. Then for the rest of the footage he is on his own because of Ben being late. Then when Ben walks towards the pond at the end, he was going to meet her but she isn't there. We tried showing this through the shot of the pond with nobody else around.
- We didn't want too much enthusiasm on the singing as we were trying to show Ben being sad and we didn't exactly want to show that he was happy about being lonely and messing things up.
- The whole thing was in black and white to show the emotion of it being a bit downbeat.
- The split second can't be seen unless you go onto the timeline and stretch the clip and see the tiniest of gaps, however, even though there was a split second missing, it still looks like its just a cut between scenes.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wednesday 9th November

Today we re-shot some parts of the video, and shot some new footage to cut up and use. We then loaded the footage onto the computer and edited it into the video. We are planning to do more editing in spare time.

Monday, 7 November 2011

7th november- mondays lesson

Today we updated blog and edited more footage that was taken on Thursdays lesson.
extra shots were used to fill in the gaps in the video. i.e
Ben walking in the woods
Ben on bench singing
extreme close up of Ben's eyes to cut down the duration on one of the previous shots.

Time line

00.6 - 00.19 ... Ben walking into the bulding

00.19- 01.8 ... music starts, instruments are played by band and Ben singing. ( all in same location-music  room)

01.8 - 01.33... (location- near the Grafton centre) female walks away in disappointment losing hope as Ben fails to be there on time.

01.33- 01.41... band play in the studio

01.41- 01.48.. gap

01.48- 01.56.. Ben singing in the mirror

01.56- 02.05... gap

02.05- 02.21 ... Ben singing on bench

02.21- 02.36... Ben walking in the woods singing

02.36- 03.22... gap

03.22- 03.53... Ben failing to meet girl on time.

What remains to be done:

Due to the timing of the filming we have not been able to capture enough shots to fill in the gaps therfore wedesday's lesson  9th November will be used for extra filming and then the time we have left after 5pm will be used for editing.
extra sounds will need to be put in at the beginning (footsteps)
black and white filter needs to be used for more of the shots
more transitions also need to be put in between specific shots.

Evaluation for rough cut

The variety of shot angles within the rough cut is really good and effective as it makes it more appealing to watch. The black and white effect also helps emphasize the clarity of the genre and the mood of the song which portrays a more despairing image.

Due to the lack of on time filming and planning we have had a big gap in the video as we have struggled a little with the story board which also resulted to the duration of the last few shots to be longer than expected. we have overcome this by doing some extra filming and getting some more locations to fit in with the lyrics.

The plan in the beginning was to have parts of the video in black and white and part of it in colour to separate the storyline from the band playing but we found that the black and white effect is more effective throughout the whole video rather than parts of it which made it a little confusing for the audience.

The beginning of the video was thought to be too long and not appealing enough meaning something more engaging with the audience needs to also be added.
Ben moving the button upwards in the music room gives a more realistic look to the video as it shows him having control over the music because the volume slowly increases as the button is moved upwards.

Thursday 3rd november - extra filming

for this lesson we filmed some extra shots that were needed to fill in the space gap in the middle of the song. This included some more shots of Ben in the music room when he is 'writing' and singing at the same time. we figured this needed more shots i.e extreme close up to divide the duration of the shot as it seemed too long and made the video seem less appealing when we watched it back with the class.
>extreme close up of eyes (to show more emotion in the video)

we also filmed more of Ben singing to the lyrics whilst sittin gon a bench, we figured that each verse of the video represents another location of either the band playing or Ben, the main artist singing or walking in isolation.
>mid-shot of Ben singing on bench
>mid- shot/ tracking shot of Ben walking through 'woods'

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

feedback on rough cut

+ Good camera shots
+ Good storyline
+ Good lipsyncing
+Good black and white effect to show emotion
+ good instrument playing
+ element of ben writing the song works well
+ vizuals match lyrics and sht types

- Needs a wider range of locations
- perfomer needs to be more passionate?
- make it more engaging to the audience
- more cross cutting quickly
-need to experiment with filters
-clips are too long

Thursday, 20 October 2011

rough cut!

filters and special effects

There are many types of different filters such as...

Protective filters - Absorbs ultraviolet rays.  Gives cleaner, sharper pictures with less haze.  Also serves as a permanent lens protector.

polarising filters-Essential for outdoor filming ; deepens intensity of blue skies; reduces or eliminates glare.  Circular Polarizing filters are used on auto focus cameras.

Neutral density filters-Essential for outdoor photography; deepens intensity of blue skies; reduces or eliminates glare.  Circular Polarizing filters are used on auto focus cameras.             
ultra thin filters- High end filters designed to avoid vignetting problems which occur with wide angle lenses.

special effect filters- split filed filters, close up, multi vision mirrored shot, pop filter sets, sepia

3rd editing lesson

So far we have accomplished 1 minute and 20 seconds of the rough cut , we have gathered a good mixture of different shots and get the actions to be as close as possible to the sound of the music and the lyrics. we have used the fade transition to distinguish one movement from another i.e when Ben is walking towards the building there are different shots of hes feet / trainer which are separated by a transition to make it look more effective. The pace of the shot where an instrument is being played has been decreased and also the volume of the music has been edited  ( increased ) to match the movement  of Ben's hands on the equipment so that it looks he has control over the sound in the recording room.

Transition types


The most common transition — an instant change from one shot to the next. The raw footage from the  camera contains cuts between shots where you stop and start recording (unless built in transitions are used) In music videos the vast majority of transitions are cuts.

Mix / Dissolve / Crossfade

These are all terms to describe the same transition — a gradual fade from one shot to the next.
Crossfades have a more relaxed feel than a cut and are useful if you want a meandering pace, calm mood, etc. Scenery sequences work well with crossfades.
Crossfades can also convey a sense of passing time or changing location. i.e one shot of walking to a place to another being in the different location/ position


Fades the shot to a single colour, usually black or white. The "fade to black" and "fade from black"  usually signal the beginning and end of a music video.
Fades can be used between shots to create a sort of crossfade which fades quickly to white before fading to the next shot.


One shot is progressively replaced by another shot in a  pattern. There are many types of wipe, from straight lines to different shapes.
Wipes often have a coloured border to help distinguish the shots during the transition.
Wipes are a good way to show changing location.

Other Digital Effects

These effects include colour replacement, animated effects, pixelization, focus drops, lighting effects, etc.

This student video, made by a past media studies group, puts a heavy focus on promoting the artist. Most of the shots are of the artist(s), with the occasional photo of them in various locations.The relaxed rhythm of the song matches the relaxed pace of the video. The focus is mainly on the lead singer, but the two other band members appear as well, playing their respective 'instruments'.

The clothing of the actors matches the indie genre that they are trying to represent.

Special effects match the lyrics of the song, with a heart appearing with the word 'love'.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

previous longroad students music video

"Kicks Or Consumption" is a music video made by a previous group of media students. It puts a heavy focus on promoting the artists, with most if not all the shots being of the artists either playing instruments or doing other things. There are a number of close ups of the artists.

The rhythm of the shot changes is similar to the rhythm of the music.

the clothing of the artists matches the indie genre.

The band playing have the good characteristics of what is needed to be seen in a band: similar clothing, style, good co-ordination , a fair shot of individual band member and their individual talents.

The genre of this video is Electro house and the imagery within the video shows this by the different events taking place. the actions match the lyrics i.e "without you"  females make a love heart shape with their hands and there's a good mixture of both males and females. When usher sings he is shown in an isolated place but when the music speeds up the beat and extra instruments are played, there's a different event taking place i.e the whole crowd of people dancing to the beat of the music and when the beat of the music changes at 2.13 the colour of the shots also change into a darker luminous colour. Intertextuality is used when the dr dre headphones are shown to be used by the artist and i pad is shown to also be used by some of the people within the video.
the whole idea of the countries coming together can be representing love between people across the world as the lyrics of the song are about love hence the title of the song "without you" .

Monday, 17 October 2011

First lesson of editing

we are cutting the shots that are not needed in the video and placing them in order to match the actions to the lyrics of each verse.    

we have also asked the kooks for permission to make a video out of their song. we have done this through twitter.

Friday, 14 October 2011

day 3 of filming

In this lesson we filmed Ben singing to himself in the mirror which connects to parts of the lyrics for this we did an over the shoulder shot so that its clear to the viewer that he is looking in the mirror. We then decided that our filming throughout the week hasn't been connected well enough because on Monday we also filmed the band playing instruments in a room in E block we had a lot of close ups and mid shots of that but we thought that all the filming  looked too random so we filmed  Ben walking from one location to the other to make things seem clearer. We have had to adjust a few things from the story board i.e Ben hanging up hes jacket. We were not able to do this because the room we shot the instruments in, didnt have a hanger so instead we shot him taking hes jacket off before entering the room.

shots we accomplished:
  • long shot
  • mid shot
  • establishing shot
  • tracking shot
  • point of view shot

day 2 of filming

we did some filming at the back of the college by the pond area
we fillmed different shot types from different angles of ben walking and singing , at this stage of the storyboard he is late meeting hes loved one and sings some of the lyrics in dissapointment. we also got shot of hes feet walking into a building , this shot included hes shoes and the make of the shoes so we get some intertextuality within the video . its important that we get a variety of locations and angles so that it will be more effective and interesting for the viewer.
Hes clothing in these shots are casual, checkerd shit and jeans.

what we had acomplisht :
  • establishing shots
  • close ups
  • mid shots

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Work for Thursday 13th

Hi Guys,

I hope your filming has gone well this week so far. Can you make sure you are capturing your footage when possible.
Also please make sure you have a blog post explaining exactly how the filming has gone each day. A separate post should explain any problems that occurred during the shoot and how you over came them and the things that went successfully.
If you can also blog editing techniques that have inspired you that you would like to replicate in your video.

Good luck with the rest of your filming.
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